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Inspired by the sea, the great teacher, always ready to deliver another lesson, another story.

Baltic Amber Jewellery is not just an accessory on a wrist, neck, it’s a personal story. 

Baltic Amber Jewellery has no boundaries, it’s for people. No matter what age, gender or status. 

Crafted with soul, made by hand.

 A breeze at the sea, the sun at the horizon, many pieces of amber on the seashore... The waves and the sand have smoothened and offered amber to us as a gift. Amber is a pine resin that developed throughout 50 million years. 

BALTIC AMBER JEWELLERY is a family business with more than 10 years of experience in the production of jewelry. For our handicrafts we process only natural, high-quality amber that formed in the Baltic sea and was thrown ashore by waves. That’s why You may be lucky enough to find in a piece of amber a tiny animal or plant inclusion that coexisted with dinosaurs.
We value thoroughness in the manufacturing process. Each of our handmade product is produced with great love and responsibility. We believe that you will love our products and wear them with pride.