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Prayer necklace

Prayer necklace

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This prayer necklace consists of 108 beads. The necklace is made of natural Baltic amber baroque style beads.

Polished amber. Amber jewelry. A great gift for various occasions. 

We also produce necklaces and bracelets according to individual customer orders.

Material - Natural Baltic amber beads. Polyester thread.

Color - dark green.

Bead diameter - about 7 mm.

Length - about 27.2 inches(69cm).

Weight - about 20gr.

Processing time- 1-3 business days.

Expected delivery - 7-21 business days.

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Property Value
average_bead_diameter_mm_ 7.0
colors ["#469051","#131413"]
color_filter ["Dark Green"]
materials ["Natural Baltic amber"]
style Prayer necklace
wholesale false